University of Louisiana at Lafayette




                                  The University of Louisiana at Lafayette president is committed to leading the University through its core values that include equity, integrity, intellectual curiosity, and respect.

                                  Learn more about the Office of the President and Dr. Savoie.


                                  Welcome to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

                                  This is truly a time of opportunity and excitement for our University. Building on a strong foundation, we are moving forward with confidence.

                                  As a research institution, we are committed to acquiring knowledge and making discoveries that can help solve problems or improve lives.

                                  As a university rooted in the distinctive Cajun and Creole cultures, we celebrate diversity.

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                                  Above all, we are committed to student success. That commitment refers to more than graduation rates. It includes the transmission of ideals, such as ethics and civic responsibility. It incorporates our intention to prepare our students to thrive as global citizens. And, it reflects our intent to make each student’s college experience as fulfilling as possible.

                                  We invite you to learn more about the University of Louisiana at Lafayette through this website. Better yet, visit our campus for a first-hand look at what we offer.

                                  Dr. Joseph Savoie

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